How is your target market structured? Which target groups are interesting for you? How does the local competitive situation look alike? For these and many further questions we provide you with the suitable answers. A comprehensive analysis, supplies you with the correct information for the correct decisions.

We offer European companies consulting activities for the successful market entrance into South-East Asia.

Market analysis

Only when you know the right path, are you able to reach your goal. Therefore HCFT analyses in detail your target market. We acquire the relevant information on the market for the product, the competition, the customers and the sales structure and are able to provide you with the relevant information so that you can make the right decision for your enterprise.

Our services

  • Product feedback from the market
  • Analysis of the competition structure
  • Target group analysis (customer/industries)
  • Investigation of the sales possibilities


HCFT continuously gathers and analyzes relevant market and competition data for you. This enables you to always have an up to date view on the market conditions in South-East Asia.

Our service

Continuous reports over:

  • political situation
  • economic situation/purchase behaviour
  • customers
  • competition

Customer acquisition and support

HCFT systematically acquires qualified contacts in the South-East Asian target market and analyses potential customers. In doing so we are able to make the right contacts for you and install a network of native speakers for maximum result in sales.

Our service

  • Systematic research of qualified contacts
  • Analysis of potential customers
  • Customer contact (telephone/email/local meetings)
  • Product placing
  • Continuous visits
  • Organization of entrepreneur journeys

Project management

HCFT supports you in the management of your projects in South-East Asia. Beyond that we consult you regarding foundation and setup of your foreign base. This also includes for example choosing the type of enterprise or necessary authority courses as well as administrative activities. When it comes to the organisation and execution of your appearances at fairs and exhibitions we are your competent partner.

Our service

  • Management of projects
  • Support of project management
  • Consulting to enterprise foundation
  • Consulting to joint venture (selection of co-operation partners)
  • Fair planning and execution (international fair/house fair)


Contact us for a tentative offer or for questions concerning our advisory activities.